Monday, May 25, 2015

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 1 of 4:Football Inserts/Rookies

When I hear the words...."KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED" from reader Grady M I know something exciting is about to be found in my mailbox. And once again, a small flat-rate box PACKED full of goodies arrived. So many goodies that I had to break it down into four blog posts so I hope you will wanna come along for the viewing.

Today's post focuses on football inserts and rookies I found in the package.

It kicks off with with some Fleer Showcase and Fleer Metal cards from Fleer Retro.

Then came more inserts pouring out from the box.

Even some numbered inserts including a Trevor Reilly numbered to 25!

Wouldn't be football additions without some NYG including my first Upper Deck rookie of Landon Collins and a sweet numbered rookie of Mario Manningham. Not to mention, a NEW Andre Williams.

As I kept digging in this box, the football rookies rained..

And it closes up with some 2015 Upper Deck. These were great adds since I don't have a lot of 2015 rookies yet. This lot included Cowboys steal Randy Gregory.
This concludes Part 1 of this tremendous mail day. Plenty more to come and I hope to see you back to the view the rest cause there is some really sweet cards to share.

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