Tuesday, June 7, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Classics Football

The return of Classics football made me wanting to bust a box. However, with only one hit per box, I was a little hesitant. But, the allure of a..can I say...Classic, was a draw in for sure.

In every box of 2016 Classics football, you will find 14 Packs Per Box with 10 Cards Per Pack. There is one autograph per box as well with a number of parallels and inserts to find too.

The base card design is simple. Veterans have team name lettered across the top, Rookies have Rookies lettered and veterans have veterans. There is a colored player in the forefront and faded players in the back. The base cards have that old school feel like Topps Heritage.

There are 300 cards in the base set including current stars, rookies and legends. You will also find one rookie card per pack on average. By the way, my Jalen Ramsey is the photo variation. More on that soon.

Inserts/Sp/Photo variation time!

Okay. So the base cards need your attention a bit more than usual. There are back parallels, names missing, blank backs and more. It took me a long time to keep checking through it all.

Here are some details on the parallels that you need to know about on Panini's blog, HERE.

These are the ones I got in my box. I did pull other Glossy's, this was just an example.

Breaking it down more below in the words on Panini's Knight Lance blog: 
    • Short Prints: Rare versions of 40 cards from the set with a photo variation. The back of the card is also printed with a bolder black ink to make them easier to identify.
    • Glossy Parallels of base cards, Legends and Rookies: Bronze foil with the word “Glossy” printed on the front and a distinct glossy finish; there are also Bronze versions of the inserts that is glossy and short printed.
    • Red Back Parallels of base cards, Legends and Rookies: The backs of the cards are printed in red ink.
    • Blank Back Parallels of base cards, Legends and Rookies: The backs of the cards have only a team logo and legal lines. The rest is blank.
    • No Name Parallels of base cards, Legends and Rookies: The player name is missing on the front of the card.
      There are also other parallels to. I pulled this Timeless Treasures silver of DeMarco Murray that is a silver parallel and numbered to 25.

      Other inserts include...Future Legends that covers both rookies and sophomores. Monday Night Heroes for those players who had a big game last Monday Night Season. Classic Clashes, celebrates the best of the best player match-ups. Team Tributes and Record Breakers are self explanatory.

      Classic Moments capture past moments.

      Next Level, my favorite of the group. Captures players on both their college and NFL uni's on both sides.

      Now onto the hits.

      Memorabilia cards will fall once every two boxes on average. I had no idea that these were included as I haven't seen many pulled or bragged about..

      There are many options for autographs. From stars of today to the past and for the future. My pull was weak but I have seen some incredible ones.

      One of the coolest additions to Classics are the rare hard-signed BuyBack cards featuring the best from Donruss-branded programs of the past; one per case on average. Those autographs look really cool on throwback designs. Some great ones out there.

      Overall, Classics comes with a ton of options to find along with one autograph per a box at a decent box price. The variations and short prints are fun to search for and add value. Having a memorabilia card every other box is also a good addition. There are many versions of those to find as well with patch parallels and stars of yesterday. You can see a full gallery of all offerings on Panini's site, HERE.

      I feel there is enough value per box and enough to find to warrant a buy here if you are a football collector or just a fan of old school products.

      Thoughts on my box break and the product are welcomed below.

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