Monday, November 28, 2016

Breakin Wax:1995 Stadium Club High Numbers Football Pack

When I was searching through my order from the Retro Crate I got from Jammin JD Sports Cards, I noticed there was an extra pack. So I questioned him and said it was a freebie with the order he tosses in.

Well, here it is. To me, can't go wrong with a free pack of Stadium Club.

In every pack of 1995 Stadium Club High Numbers football is 10 cards. Packs on the Jammin JD Sport Card website go for .75 and can be found, HERE.

I found not only the typical action packed photography you come to expect from Stadium Club, but also some great players.

Good group right here. Love the throwback Elway uni.

Also like the Means in his throwback.

Also pulled a 1:3 Bowman's Best insert. If only Mirer's college career could had carried over to the pros.
 What can I say, can't go wrong with a free pack and one that provides what this one did.

I have also opened many others of these from his as well. It's a great price for the possible finds you can have.

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  1. Natrone Means in a throwback defines the 1994 season to me. The Chargers were unstoppable in those unis, and Means was a beast that year.