Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Breakin Wax:1996 Select Certified Football Pack Break (Insert Pull)

They sure don't make cards like they used to. In a world of thin base cards and about 100 parallels per product, I think some companies forget that simple and elegant is sometimes better.

That's what I felt Select Certified was.
For some reason my pack picture never updated so here is a breakdown without it. Every pack of 1996 Select Certified football comes with 6 cards and packs run $5 on the Jammin JD Sport Card website that you can find HERE. There are tough parallels to find and other fun inserts. Rookie class with Marvin Harrison, Eddie George and Keyshawn Johnson doesn't hurt either.

Select Certified base cards were full foil board and were thick. I pulled a good player in Elway.

Even got a Giants PC pull in this pack I didn't have.

And on top of that, I pulled a Certified Red, 1:5 packs, of great Chris Carter.
So far up to this point, this was my best pack break from my retro crate. But, I still have two more packs to go and there are reasons I have saved those for last. So stay tuned!

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  1. Great product. I always enjoyed the mirror parallels out of Certified... almost as much as refractors.