Saturday, November 26, 2016

Breakin Wax:1999 Collectors Edge Triumph

 I felt triumphant that I was able to pick up a pack of 1999 Collectors Edge Triumph from Jammin JD Sports Cards.

Collectors Edge put out some brilliant products in the 90's and I for one wished they were still around.

Once again my blog didn't upload the pack picture, can't ever figure out why it does that once in awhile, but it does but here is the breakdown. Each pack comes with 8 cards and on the Jammin JD Sports Cards website they go for $2 a pack and can be found HERE

Let's get to ripping!

I pulled some decent players in my box including the great Barry Sanders. Kevin Dyson also brings back some memories of the Music City Miracle. I can still remember watching that live on TV.

JEFF GEOGRE! Thinking I need to call the cardboard cops on this guy.

Rookie card find. Rob Konrad. Not the best but rookies

And a nice looking insert find. Sorry my camera phone took such a poor blurry pic. Either way you can't go wrong with Peyton Manning.
Overall, Barry Sanders, a rookie card and a Peyton Manning insert, let me pay $2 for that any day.  Did I also mention that there is a chance at autographs too????

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