Sunday, November 27, 2016

Breakin Wax:Jammin JD Sports Cards Superior Hits Pack Break

I am always into trying new things just to see what they are in the hobby. That's what brings us to today's product you may or may not have heard of before.

They are Jammin JD Sport Cards hit football packs. There are three levels to try and currently only football is offered. My pack break is the medium level with Superior. There is also the low level of Solid Hits and a higher level of Elite Hits. All 3 can be found on the Jammin JD Sports Cards website, HERE..

In each Superior Hits pack, you will find 10 cards that will run for $39.99 a pack. Those will be broken down as follows.
  • 5 Hits, at least 2 Autographed Cards
  • 2 Rookies
  • 2 Serial-Numbered Cards
  • 1 Insert
Hits in these packs are Jersey Cards, Autographed Cards and Printing Plates.
So let's see how it goes.
Up first, here are my insert finds. The Phillip Rivers is /25 and the Wayne is /49. Overall, a good group of players.

I also lucked out in my pack and instead of that fifth insert, I got an extra hit.

Here is the hit gallery.

49/49. I think this is my first Immaculate card.

Nice looking card with a solid patch. West is having a pretty solid season for Baltimore. I bet Cleveland wished they hadn't let him go even though it would take more than a running back to fix their team. 

I pulled a lot of West and surprisingly don't have this one. Maybe I should PC him haha.

My final pull was a nice 3-color auto patch of Kenny Stills. He has had an up and down season, but will still be a solid add to my rookie auto collection for a just-in-case.

Overall, a solid break. If you think about it, each card would have to value at least $4 each and I think in the end they even out that way from some research I did. I do wished I had pulled a Giant, but you just don't know what you will find in these since they are randomly packed.

Thoughts on this break are welcomed below in comments.


  1. Interesting concept. Not sure if it's my cup of tea though. Assuming they eventually make a baseball version, I probably would end up taking my $40 over to COMC and buying specific cards for my collection. However... I definitely understand why some collectors would be attracted to the "surprise" aspect.