Saturday, November 12, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball

After seeing the Panini preview gallery for this product and being one that hadn't ever opened it, my hands were shaking as I opened the box full of card wishes that I could hopefully find inside.

Sadly, those card wishes fastly diminished as I looked at card after card not seeing what I thought I could find.

What are my thoughts on the product, well, READ ON!

In every hobby box of 2016 Panini Prime Cuts baseball is 1 pack. That one pack is made up of 5 cards that are all hits. Boxes run $230.

There are no plain base to find in this product as it is packed full of hits that are considered the base. So it's a very large one including 3 on-card autograph subsets, 5 material card subsets and 4 other autographed card subsets.
I will first show you my pulls then summarize the overall finds in the product.

My first card was this Carlos Gonzalez. The product had a strong Donruss Classics feel throughout. A higher-end version of that classic hit.

My second card, Yadier Molina Timelines.

My third hit, Icons of Eddie Mathews.

My next find, a rookie autograph of Dae-Ho Lee. I really like his signature.

And finally my last pull, a Biography auto memorabilia card of David Price.

2016 Prime Cuts Baseball offers a diverse checklist featuring the greatest legends, top stars and rookies.
PRIME CUTS ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS I, PRIME SIGNATURES BRONZE that offers a mix of current and retired superstars paired with an on-card autograph, PRIME CUTS ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS III HOLO GOLD that have a triple swatch on-card autographs of 2016 rookies, BASE II HOLO RED, ICONS JERSEYS that have 5 different versions such as Jerseys, Bats, Numbers Combos, Numbers Trios and Numbers Quads. BASE VII AUTOGRAPHS HOLO PLATINUM, BIOGRAPHY BLUE that highlights a moment from each player's career paired with a swatch, ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS JUMBO MATERIALS BOOKLETS HOLO PLATINUM pairs 2016 rookies with an autograph and jumbo swatch. You can find prime swatches too! TIMELINE TRIOS GREEN that have 5 different versions such as Timeline, Combos, Trios, Quads and Stats.

Overall, this product is loaded, my box just simply wasn't. With the cost of the box vs what I got in return, it's definitely not hard to see I was at a loss here. The cards look great as usual with Panini baseball products but the usual value that comes in their baseball products was simply lacking here.

I have seen some good boxes, some amazing boxes and some meh boxes. There is a lot of greats to find in these boxes with names of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente and Ty Cobb included but you simply can't expect those in every box. Once again, anything high end is a gamble. If you like to gamble, I guess say roll the dice. If you don't, buy into a box break cause it's all hits.

STAY TUNED FOR A FUTURE CONTEST to win this and possibly others!!

By the way, make sure you thank Panini America for this review box and for the future giveaway. Check out their site for products like this one and others. Also give an extra thanks to Tracy Hackler and give him a Twitter follow too!


  1. Dae-Ho Lee does have a pretty cool autograph. I'll have to track one down someday.

    1. He drew a little baseball and jotted down his number... man, talking about taking pride in your autograph!

    2. Yeah, the baseball next to his auto is an great touch!

  2. With these types of high end products, you would think that Panini would hand pack them to make sure that each box had at least a respectful return. Obviously they can't produce products that give 100% value for every box and stay in business. However if I saved up 2 months worth of my hobby budget (which is about $230), bought a box of this stuff, and pulled what you got... I'd probably never buy a Panini product again out of spite.

    Panini... if you're reading this post... you need to take care of guys like Sport Card Collectors, because they support your products. The least you can do is support them back.

    1. Panini actually provided this box to review and host a giveaway from :) I am at fault for not adding that part in yet. Will do so now.

      But Thank you for the support!

    2. The box might have been rough... but there's a bright side. At least Panini doesn't hand out loaded boxes for people to review ;)

  3. I like the card design. It's too bad there is no base set to feature this type of design. Tough box though