Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Step Back, I Ripped One

Yesterday, I got a Holiday Blasted by Baseball Card Breakdown in my mail box. It was awesome to say the least.

I took the pics of his Holiday Blast on my table with the colorful Christmas table cloth in the background to give it that Christmas feel. I also didn't crop them well on purpose so it shines the holiday spirit through.

Up first, some new Yanks including a custom, something shiny and a Godzilla I didn't have. Also included in this group is a new David Wilson rookie. I believe Strata had two designs for rookies that year and this is the version I still needed.

Next group, one of my favorite pics in the Odell "The Catch" done in my favorite product, Chrome. A salsa dancing x-factor in Cruz, an Andre Brown rookie and an Eli Triple Threads that's numbered.

Then onto a couple Giants hits that I didn't have. New Manningham and new DJ Hall autograph. I think I only have one other of his. Both are rookies.

And finally, my first rip card. I haven't ever pulled one or bought one even though I have always wanted to. It actually may be on my hobby bucket list.

I haven't decided whether I would ever rip one if I got one, probably not as that would totally dig into my hobby OCD and the mystery can be fun, but I it would be fun to at least have one.

I did however get to have an opportunity to rip a custom rip card thanks to Gavin. Even though that was tough to do in more than one way with that hobby OCD and the fact that he sealed these up really well.
But, I did get into it so let's take a look:

Here is the front:

Here is the back /25 as he sent out 25 packages. I have seen some of the others pulls from within so I knew it had to be good.

(inserted here was a pic of the ripped contents but my blog decided it didn't want to upload it)
And I was right.  A custom mini magnet of the man, the legend, KGJr!
A big thanks goes out Gavin for this sweet mail day and for my first fun rip experience. You definitely have one of the most creative minds in the blogosphere.
I have begun setting some stuff aside for you down the road. You just never know when I will mail it :)


  1. That is sweet. Is there a way for other people (me) to acquire one of those awesome looking magnets?

  2. Man... that Griffey looks awesome! Gavin... you need to start marketing your stuff buddy.

  3. Great stuff from Gavin! That Griffey is amazing!