Saturday, June 1, 2019

Blast From The Past:1995 Topps Series 1 Baseball Pack Break

In 1999, a flick with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone called Blast From The Past came out. It was about a scientist named Calvin Webber who was played by Christopher Walken, that took his pregnant wife in a deep underground fallout shelter in 1962 when he thought a nuclear war was imminent. During that time, their son Adam played by Fraser (who seemed to had been in every late 90's movie) was born and was exposed to only the culture of 1962 in the shelter such as the music and TV shows of the time. Life was accustomed to not being at the surface. 

Fast forward 35 years later, their supplies and food was running low so someone would have to come above ground and take a risk to get new products. That was supposed to be Calvin, up until he was ill from stress from his one visit to the surface. So his son Adam would have to venture out in a world he had never met.....

This segment takes a look at products that may have been hidden in a underground fallout shelter for over 20 years and now just coming back out to be me. Guess you can call me Adam even though my name is Matt. These are products I opened when I was first collecting and is a Part Of My Past, but may not have a memory or a Origins story to attach to them. Most products I post on here will, but some won't and those will be covered in this new segment.These products will be between the years of 1995-1999 only.

Let's just hope my experience with these breaks is better than Adams first visit to the surface.

So let's take a Blast From The Past with a one pack break of 1995 Topps Series 1 baseball!

Believe it or not, I landed this pack for less than a $1 in a pack lot that I paid a total of $4 for. When I can take a Blast To The Past with a break like that I will take it all day long. Back in 1995, I busted a lot of Topps product for hockey and football. I did bust a few packs of the baseball in both Series 1 and 2 in which both you will see on here but not much. Which makes these packs more of a Blast From The Past than an Origin.

Let's take a look at how I did.

In these hanger packs, there are 24 cards in each. At the time, they sold for $1.99. I got mine for roughly .80. Pretty fair I think. Each of these comes with two cyberstats parallels.

The base card set for Series 1 has 396 cards with a couple of subsets and guys like Wade Boggs and Fred McGriff on the checklist.

With so many cards in this pack, I broke out only the best players and not all like I usually do with this series. It would take forever to get all of those posted and it would take up the entire blog to get it posted on.
Kenny Rogers, the baseball player. Not the musician my grandmother listened to that I always got confused with. Kenny pitched for 20 seasons for 8 teams including my Yankees. He has a perfect game, won a World Series with the Yankees, and was a 4x All Star

Delino played for 12 seasons and 5 different teams. He had 80 career home runs and a.268 batting average.

Craig Grebeck. No, not really a big name from the pack, but I liked the photo. He played for five teams in 11 seasons in which he had 19 home runs and .261 batting avg.

Two All Stars here in Wade Boggs and Matt Williams. Between the two, even though Boggs was a Yankee, I remember more about Matt Williams. Don't ask me why.

Barry Bonds, I don't like the guy and know he cheated but still want an autograph card of him someday. Then comes THE MAN, Ken Griffey Jr!  What else can I say about that guy?!

A couple names I recognize on this card including Brian Hunter and Karim Garcia. They call this a rookie card but I don't. Usually when Topps did these there was only one true rookie on it or none at all.

Once again, not a rookie card I believe. Dustin Hermanson pitched for 7 teams in 11 seasons. He won a World Series in 1995 and finished with a 73-78 record and a 4.21 ERA

Bill Pulsipher pitched for 6 teams in 10 seasons. He had a career 13-19 record and a 5.15 ERA.

Jim Abbot pitched for 6 teams in 10 seasons. He also has a no hitter to his name as well. He has a career record of 87-108 and an ERA of 4.25

Jim Edmonds played for 17 seasons and was an underrated player in my opinion. Didn't get the respect for what he did. He played for six teams but I best remember him in California with the Angels. He had a .284 average and 393 career home runs.

Overall, I think I got my .80 worth. Probably with the Griffey card alone even though I have it and will pass it along to another Griffey collector.

Hope this Blast From The Past brought you back as well. There are many more to uncover in this series.


  1. I love Blast From The Past, it really has it all. Besides obviously being a comedy, it has some drama elements, even a bit of suspense. It is a movie I always wonder if they did a followup to how they could do it. I mean the cast is still around so its doable. Especially having Christopher Walken worry about those Russians again! Lol.

    Nice cards, Kenny Rogers perfect game I remember because he pitched it on my dad's birthday. I think you got your money's worth on the pack no doubt.

    1. I think so too and wished they would do another. Walken did great in that role.

  2. I am starting to like 1995 Topps because of how it gets no love. It was pretty weird looking, but it's been largely forgotten...never part of Archives or any of Topps reprint sets. For that, I appreciate it!

    1. I hope someday it will be appreciated and added to one of those reprint sets. I think it may be because a lot of big names aren't in the set like others with at least one.

  3. Good deal. One of the few Topps sets I like from that period. The foil is hard to read but the pictures are cool

    1. I liked this one the most from that time but I think it was 1996 that was okay as well.

  4. Edmonds was the man! I remember him with the Angels and the Cardinals. To me... it's a coin flip situation.

    1. Yeah I remember the Cardinals as well but still gave the Angels the edge because of the 90s appeal

  5. Nice trip down memory lane and plenty of all-time greats. Fun pack.