Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:Report To The Goof Troop

H-H-H-H Hit it!
Like father, like son
You're always number one (Yes!)
Best buddies, best pals (Yeah!)
You always seem to work things out

Before The Goofy Movie and the Extremely Goofy Movie, we had The Goof Troop. I first watched it on the Disney Afternoon program block on NBC. It came on before Darkwing Duck if I remember right. It was an amazing two-hour block of programming I will never forget with so many great shows. I still think that Disney needs a channel with programming they provided us in the 80's and 90's. The kids will enjoy, but the adults from that era even more will.

The Goof Troop focuses on the relationship between Goofy and his son, Max, as well as their neighbors Pete and his family. Pete was one of Goofy's fellow classmates, in which now Pete's son PJ is Max's. I kinda get that relationship. My father, who was Goofy as I said in The Goofy Movie post, went to school with Dave who in turn is my best friend Brian's father. Their relationship is pretty rocky which is close to Goofy and Pete's, while mine and Brian's remain solid. If only we lived next door to each other instead of a couple of miles and it would have been an even better comparison.

The Goof Troop ran from 1992-1993 with 65 great episodes. I thought it was the end of my viewing of the duo til The Goofy Movie came out in 1995 followed by the Extremely Goofy Movie in 2000.

It's a lot of fun going back and watching these episodes again as I picked up both season volumes. Brings back those fun afternoons of having an after school snack and a show to watch.

Can't you see you're two of a kind?
Looking for a real good time
Real good time
(All right!)

When it comes to cardboard, my father Goofy, ooops, my father and I collected together as it should be well known on here already. One card we had always wanted but never got in the 90's was a 1992 Stadium Club Brett Favre. It was the card that appeared at the top of the hot list in Beckett it seemed every month. EVERY MONTH. The card was worth more than any of his rookie cards including his what I consider iconic Stadium Club rookie because of the misspelling of his name with Farve.

I found the Stadium Club rookie card error goofy, the fact that the year after his Stadium Club rookie was so hot was goofy (it to me is the same way with the 2012 Topps Heritage Mike Trout) and the fact I couldn't find this Favre locally was goofy. 

Well, 27 years later to my surprise, I found one in my Wes mail days. I was pretty taken back and felt a little goofy for feeling so.

Oh look, it's a picture of the real Stadium Club rookie card of Farve-Favre. Remember when Stadium Club posted the rookie cards of the featured player on the front on their card backs? Good Times.

I told my father in a recent conversation I finally had one after all of these years in which he was a little jealous. This card isn't nowhere near as hot or even worth as much as it was back then. But, once again, monetary value doesn't matter to me. It's the memories. 

The memories like Goof Troop. Even though that show only made it a couple of seasons, it was still a great one to watch and left me with plenty of memories including the great Favre chase. And even though it ended on TV, I still have the DVD's to go back in time with and my real life Goof Troop that's still together. Brian and I still keep in touch through texting/Facebook/Messenger and I was in his wedding last year as his best man. I still run into his parents grocery shopping, etc including his father who was a bit of a stickler back then (Pete was too) but has lightened up since and obviously my father and I are still close on the phone for hours every weekend talking about collecting. 

That's because we are the Goof Troop and we'll always stick together.

Report to the Goof Troop
(Goof Troop)
And we'll always stick together
(Always stick together)
We're the Goof Troop
(Goof Troop)
Best of friends forever


  1. Great card. Wes hooked it up! This is one of those cards I've always wanted, but never wanted to pay the going rate for. Keep hoping I'll find it one day sitting in someone's dollar bin at a show or something.

    1. Yes he did. This was all in that one box from awhile ago