Saturday, September 21, 2013

The 2013 Yard Sale Find Of The Year

Every summer I search the local papers for yard sales that contain the and they have been lacking so far. The few that I found didn't have much there and one was sold out before my arrival. Two weekends ago, I finally stumbled upon an add that said, TONS OF BASEBALL CARDS. And you know I had to jump on that.

Upon my arrival I had no clue what to expect. Was it going to be like the yard sale I call "THE YARD SALE" or will it be just a couple of baseball card boxes. When I got there I immediately bolted for the table that had the cards on it. And there was no shortage of them. Boxes were marked with years and brands. There were singles. There were magazines. There were packs that were opened and just placed there. There was mainly baseball cards but a few football, WNBA and basketball sprinkled in. And there was a lot of hope in the pile of cards. Now if there was only enough money in the wallet to take it all.

When finding out my interest in the baseball cards (she must had seen me drooling over all of them), a lady approached me and said this wasn't all she had. She had a basement full. I was in shock. She said she once collected but had lost interest in the hobby around 2003 and at this point just wanted them out of the house. This was sad to me. Despite cards that I really wanted sitting in front of me, a lost collector meant more. We need to keep the hobby alive and collectors collecting. I didn't get into anymore specifics on why she got done as the yard sale started to fill with cars and she had to tend to other things. I asked how much things were since they weren't marked. She said to make a pile and she would throw a number at me because she really needed the room in her house and the more I took, the better the deal. I honestly wanted to say I will take both of the full tables and your basement stash but knew my cash flow wasn't high enough most likely.

So I rummaged through trying to find important years and brands. I took the three boxes of singles (these are always a fun search through), a box packed with assorted year white boxes (not all full), and few other odds and end boxes. $30 later (all I had sadly and luckily all she asked for) and I took this home to go through. But before I left, the lady told me that she would be having another sale in the spring if I was interested in coming back for more since I was the only one who bought any (another sad thing about this story as it shows a decline in others interest as well) and I told her as Arnold Schwarzenegger would have, "I'll Be Back." She responded with a smile.

I will be however sharing our results from the dig through as we will break down each box to show you the best cards. It may take a few weeks to go through it all, if not more, will post each box separately along the way.  Thought it would be a fun post to do. I haven't searched through very much yet but the parts I have I did stumble upon some rookie cards, inserts from the 90's and a few autos and jersey cards. So it should be a very fun journey that I will be taking you on as well.

Let me know your thoughts on this find and what great finds you have ever had at a Yard Sale.

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  1. Nice find. I hope to do the same one day. I hear flea markets can be a good place to do this as well.
    Chad D.