Sunday, September 1, 2013

License Roulette Week!

Well, we are finally going to reveal who YOU GUYS voted for in our License Roulette. Yup, did you bet on the company that you wanted to win the License but the ball landed somewhere different. This week will tell you just that.

We also had some great comments from voters as well. They made some great points. Why just have one company with licenses, why not allow all three to dabble into them but cut down on products.

Andrew said "Honestly I think it would be best if the top 3 all had licenses for all products and were limited to 5 products per sport. That way you don't have over production and real competition. You could have 1 low end, three medium and one high end product per sport."

And then Kent followed that one with:  "I agree with Andrew. Way too many products by the companies that do have licenses...and even those that do not. I am a team collector and with all the parallels my collection will never be complete. I feel the need to limit those, too."

Do you guys agree with these comments? Should all companies be allowed a shot at pro licenses and cut down on the amount of products they put out? Or do you like where the hobby is at? Let us hear your thoughts too.

So this week, day by day, starting tomorrow with the MLB, we will reveal who you guys picked as the winners. Some are surprises, some are not. Once company, we must admit, stood out above all of the rest. Who that will have to wait til Friday to see when all 5 License Roulette winners are finished up.

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