Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winners Of The Beat The Jammin JD NFL Picks Contest

Well, it appeared to us that some of you are much better at picking Week 1 of the NFL more than others. As we landed a 7 and 8 in the 7 NFL Pick Em leagues we are participating in. Was a rough go, but some of you knew the right answers..next time give us some tips on Week 1 please ;)

Here are the winners:
Tie Break Score = 67
1st - Indiana Golf Pro - 12-4 tie break Dal 35 - NY 24 = 59 Won a spot in an NFL BLASTER BOX break
2nd - Kent Richie - 12-4 tie break 49 Won A Pack Of Cards
3rd - Miami Vice - 12-4 tie break 47 Won A Pack Of Cards
And due to the fact that the Giants fell to Dallas, yes I have to relive that statement again, there was no fourth place winner. Thanks goes out to Jammin JDcards for hosting this contest. Make sure you follow them on Twitter. And that you say thanks to them for their generosity as well.

Winners, since you are all on Twitter, please contact Jammin JDcards with your information. And we hope to see all of you entering our NY Giants/Panini America Contest promo going on right now!! Check out our blog for the entry post and the post of what the contest is about if you haven't yet. Good Luck to everyone and thanks for supporting the blog!


  1. Oh the irony, lol. After my comment you in my entry that I should find myself in fourth place with a record of 11-5 and your Gnats down for the first time in the new stadium. Good luck next week my friends.

  2. Haha! I was just hoping there will be a forth place in this contest. By the way, do you provide free picks?