Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SWEET PC Pickups!

I was at a Fair event recently and walked around looking at exhibitors and seeing what was for sale. You know, looking for candy apples, cotton candy and so on. Walking by each tent I continued to spot food items I would pick up after I did my original walk thru. As I walked by one of the tents, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a table with white boxes stacked on it. Then what appeared was a glass case. I knew exactly what that meant and was surprised when I had walked over to see someone selling cards. I had never in the 11 years of going to the event have ever seen anyone selling cards.  Now the problem that I had was I didn't have much to spend. But figured I would try my best with the $20 I brought.

I looked at the glass case first to see what was offered. Hank Aaron cards. Terry Bradshaw rookie. 2 Cal Ripken Jr rookies. Ken Griffey Jr, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, among other rookies. And a few other odds and ends. Some of which were a little steep for my $20. Inserts, base cards, NASCAR collectibles and a stack of memorabilia and autograph cards were discovered in the white boxes. There were some also lower end rookie cards as well.

Upon further examining, I found out that everything was half price. Which I found great especially with the bottom card in this post staring at me from the glass case. I wanted it and had to have it. It was a rookie card I had chased for years since my father sold off the one we had when I was little.

So to start things off, out of the white boxes, I picked up a couple of Robinson Cano cards for $1 each for the Yankee PC. I do realize afterwards that I overpaid for these, but that's okay. I was too excited about the other two pickups to worry about it.



This was another rookie card I had to have. Ever since his return to the Yankees, Alfonso Soriano has been RED HOT and possibly will lead them to a Playoff berth. For only $4, I found this to be a bargain pickup with potential. And it would replace the one I lost years ago.


And here is the first Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie Card in MINT shape and only $12. I thought I scored well on this one especially because of it's condition. The guy also had the Topps rookie as well but wanted $20 for it. I just didn't feel that price was right and didn't want to invest my entire spending into the one card. Note: The card is not ruined, it's a sticker I had trouble prying off from the top loader.

Let me know your thoughts on my latest pickups. And if I had gotten a deal to get these all for $18.


  1. good pickups--you just never know when you might find cards being sold

  2. Very nice. Cano should be in the HOF eventually, good Ripken. You did great!!