Sunday, September 22, 2013

Winner Of The Prizm Hockey Spot With The Pack Gambler

There were a few who guessed the correct score of the game, but only one was closest to the PIM. a congrats to Scott Whalen is in order who guessed the score of 3-2 was closest with his PIM score of 36 and has won the spot in The Pack Gambler Prizm Hockey break. Please contact us at or if you have Twitter DM your information to @packgambler and we will get you set up.

As for everyone else, thanks for entering and you can look forward to more contests from The Pack Gambler in the future. Make sure you LIKE him on Facebook or FOLLOW him on Twitter and tell him thanks for the contest!

As for us here at Sport Card Collectors, we have a PACKED WEEK of contest announcements. Starting tomorrow we are running off 5 straight days of our Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day promotion announcements! We also have Week 3 of our Giants/Panini America Promotion post going up as well tomorrow also a FAN of ours is giving away cards and hosting contest on here as well. There is plenty happening this week so stay tuned!!

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