Sunday, December 7, 2014

I AM A GOLD GLOVE (And Ball) WINNER! And never played baseball...recently.

I guess growing up and playing baseball with my buddies finally got noticed. I never played in a league like Little League or in High School, but when us friends got together, it was serious.

Up until now nobody ever realized my play in the field, but when I recently won these from @GoldBaseballs , I think my potential was finally noticed :)

Actually, I didn't win these because of that sadly, though I can still brag to my friends that I did. I actually won this from a Twitter contest where you had to tell them your favorite charity that you give to on Giving Tuesday. Mine, I give to and participate in March Of Dimes every year and always raise Top 5 money amount.       

Here they are. Both are beautiful products that look great in the man cave. The gold baseball is actually 24k gold leather. If you want to check them out and what they are about, check out the Gold Sport Collectibles website for some amazing items. You can find them HERE

And here they are displayed. I am gonna leave them here for now, but might move them to a much better location. As you can tell, they really stand out above the rest.
A big thanks goes out to Gold Sport Collectibles for this pretty cool mail day.

Your thoughts on this mail day are welcomed too!

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