Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? TRADE MAIL!

In the last few weeks I have been working on a trade with a new trading partner on Twitter in @badbrad1987.

We finally came to an agreement on a trade and sent each other the goods. On his end he knew exactly what he was getting, on my end, I didn't really. I knew the main three card focus, but as for the rest, I left that up to him to put together. I was really happy with the results!

I opened up the package and this was the first thing I found. An unopened pack of these:

I hadn't decided if I was opening yet or not...the temptation of seeing an unopened pack can sometimes be overwhelming.

Next was this nice lot of Giants including Beckham! I don't have many of his cards so adding any, especially one I don't have is awesome! I also seem to have a bit of a crush on Topps Valor. The Eli add is great.

 Some Yankees adds including a Jeter!

Another Giants add in Andre Williams I didn't have and an AWESOME Jose Abreu Bowman Chrome card! Been wanting that one!!

More Flair set adds!

Some really nice Yankees insert adds. Love anything chrome and refractored, the A-Rod was one of my favorite Panini inserts (I wish they would do them in football as well) and another Jeter add. This time a refractor.

And if anyone knows me and knows my posts on this blog, when I get my hands onto 90's inserts, my Giants to boot, it causes a mini celebration.

Cool Eli Manning jersey card addition and a nice Valor jersey card of Andre Williams. Its the Discipline parallel numbered to 25. One negative thing I will say about it is the lack of jersey. LOOK AT THAT SWATCH!

And another nice NEW Randle PC add. Really hoping this guy is legit!
Overall, a great trade and trade partner. I will definitely go back again!

Also, I will put in a little extra shout out to him. If you are not following @badbrad1987 on Twitter, please do so. He is a great guy to discuss the hobby with and overall, he does giveaways and is a well trusted trader.

Thanks again Brad for the trade. I really enjoyed everything you sent. It will all look great in my PC!

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