Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? @dpalagi518 Contest Mail Day!

I recently won a contest on Twitter from one of the hobby good guys, @dpalagi518.

Here is the prize that arrived today. I must note before you continue on reading that there were also six 1993 Upper Deck Ted Williams Best Hitters cards as well. For some reason, my camera decided that they looked best with a pink tint on them. I decided my camera needs to be replaced and didn't post the pics :)

Here are some sweet adds. Someone pays close attention to my posts and Tweets about my passion of 90's cards and Chrome. Especially refractors!

Then some sweet 1990's packs...did I won't know til January :) But, I am pretty stoked about these!

A nice autograph...

And I love this addition. This is only my second National Treasures card and I am a big fan of jersey swatches that aren't just from a regular NFL game.
Overall, some nice additions so a big thank you is deserved.

Thanks again @dpalagi518 for the mail day and I recommend you giving him a follow on Twitter if you haven't yet.

As always, thoughts on my mail days are always welcomed!

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