Monday, December 8, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 10 Pack Break Of 2014 Upper Deck Conference Greats

Upper Deck recently released this 2014 Conference Greats products and I was curious what this product consisted of so I had the opportunity to open it and see.

Each pack of Conference Greats comes with 8 cards per pack. Each hobby pack will run you roughly $3-$4 depeding on where you buy. Each hobby box comes with one autographs and 2 memorabilia cards.

First up I wanted to discuss the base cards. I like the design and the checklist is fun. It includes players you may not find in packs anymore such as Eric Moulds and Jared Lorenzen.

There are a few rookies from this great class including Manziel and my boy Beckham Jr.

However, I wasn't a fan of the schedule cards. I felt as if they were a set filler. I totally get what Upper Deck was attempting to do, but I just wasn't a fan of including these in this set. It doesn't fit.

Here are my Pewter parallels. These can be found one-per-pack.

Two great ones here with Evans and Beckham! 

 Copper parallels I pulled falling at 1:4 packs. There is also a tough black parallel that is numbered to 10.

Then you find the following as well. These are base set hi series stars and rookies. They fall roughly 1:2 packs. I loved this idea for us master set chasers and it reminds me of chasing down the 1997 Upper Deck baseball series 2 set with the etched cards in it that fell at odds as well.

I think I did good here landing Manziel.
Base Set Hi Series Stars
- Base Set Hi Series Rookies - See more at: roughly 1:2 packs

And out of my ten packs I landed an autograph. A tough one at that since it's the hi-series rookie version at 1:170. It's not anyone I know, but I really like the design so it has a place in my collection.

Overall, not a bad break. I pulled a tough auto, pulled a couple Manziels and a Beckham.

I think this product will have it's following. There is a fun checklist, some incredible autograph match-ups and cool School Pride memorabilia cards. This may also be fun for those set collectors who like a bit of a challenge.

If your a fan of those things and college football, this product is for you.

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