Sunday, December 7, 2014

That 90's Card: 1996 Playoff Trophy Contenders Neil O'Donnell

There is nothing like base card designs in the 90's and how great they look, this is another prime example.

Playoff branched off their successful Playoff Contenders brand from 1995 and came up with the idea for Trophy Contenders. The base cards looked very cool with the layered look of gold trophies, then blue (and other colors depending on the player) counter top look, and a player on top of that. The base cards were also a bit thicker than most which made for a high-end product back in 1996.

You can find most base card singles now for roughly $1 and boxes can run you upwards of $90.

To me, this product was a little under rated. It not only had a fun base card design, but some excellent inserts which is what the 90's were all about. Just like the under rated player I chose today.

Neil O'Donnell played 14 seasons in the NFL with 4 NFL Teams. He led the Pittsburgh Steelers to Super Bowl 30 where threw two costly interceptions leading to a Steelers loss. Despite those two interceptions in the Super Bowl, he ended his career with the lowest interception percentage in NFL history, averaging just 2.11 interceptions for every 100 pass attempts. However, since then, Aaron Rodgers has broken his record.

Let's hear your thoughts on today's 90's card!

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