Thursday, December 18, 2014

MINDBLOWING Surprise Mail Day From The Pack Gambler

It was just a normal day, slight breeze, partially sunny and a bit cold. I was making my usual morning run to the post office to pick up the mail always in anticipation of awaiting packages. I did get one of the packages I was counting on however there was a bigger one waiting for me. I read the label and saw that it was from The Pack Gambler. The package was very shocking since I wasn't expecting anything, what was inside was even more shocking.

I opened the box to find the this:

I first pulled out the 12 packs of 1991 Action Packed football (gonna save them for a Monday break 'em), and found these two sweet items!

Upon further was all about the base, about the base, no inserts. Sorry, that song is catchy though I hate it.

In this base card lot was Giants, NY Rangers and Yankees

Rookie cards!

Hakeem Nicks rookie and some inserts including my guy Randle.

I wonder which Eli face is on these...

Then found 4 Topps Chipz

Then this sweet baby from 2004! Shiny! I have never seen one of these.

Then the hit parade rained and boy did it rain....Two Nassibs. Love the Triple Threads.

Nice Eli addition!

Look at these patch cards!


If you have read this blog, you know how I feel about Crown Royale auto silhouettes!

Then I found this. AMAZING!

Overall, my mind was blown. The surprise alone was amazing, but looking at what the contents were, wow. I am still speechless.

I would like to say a MONSTER THANK YOU to The Pack Gambler. They will be missed! It's really hard to lose someone great and trustworthy for the hobby but hopefully someday The Pack Gambler will return to full force.

I just have to end this again with another thank you to The Pack Gambler. Words cannot express the thanks for your kindness as your kind gesture will remain in my memory forever. Good luck on your next journey and keep in touch!

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