Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? Grady M. Mail Day Part 1 of 2: Football

Once again Sport Card Collector Facebook and blog fan Grady Malachowski sent me a nice surprise package. This one came shipped in a blaster box which I thought was really cool and not something I thought of. Definitely gonna try it now though. You pay for the box, you might as well use it.

Upon opening the box, I could tell it was absolutely LOADED. It had stuff from baseball, football and a few basketball. The cards varied by team and was mostly made up of inserts which is right up my alley! Especially cool inserts.

Today's post consists of the football part of my mail day. The baseball part will be shown tomorrow!

Let's kick it off with some NY Giants base cards:

Topps inserts. Great players found with Brady, Manning and Brees and more:

The inserts continue!

What collector doesn't like die-cuts?

A few more inserts. I really like the Kaepernick with the "etched" out Elite card:

A few numbered goods.

Acetate inserts. I am a huge fan!

Then I will finish off this post with some SWEET Prizm parallels. I really like the look of this years Prizm.
Overall, this was a really cool mail day. But, remember, this is only part one. Part two is just around the corner! If you like baseball cards and shiny things don't miss out on that one!

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