Thursday, February 13, 2014

Derek Jeter's Final Season (small card gallery)

As a Yankee fan I knew it had to come at some point, but I really hoped there would be a youth potion made by now so Derek Jeter could play as a Yankee forever.

Since the youth potion was never made, Derek Jeter did as I expected him to do this season or next, announced his retirement on Wednesday for the conclusion of the 2014 season.

I am still in shock that this will be the final season I will get to watch one of my favorites don the number 2 in pinstripes. I will say it outright, he will be missed for sure. He was a great example on and off the field and someone many of the new short stops in the league look up to as an example. He will certainly be a first ballot Hall Of Famer when eligible. That's a no brainier.

With all of that being said, It has been a fun ride watching him along the way with 5 World Series rings, 13 All Star game appearances, and many memorable plays including "the flip" against the A's and the dive into the stands against the rival Red Sox.

So I thought in dedication of his announcement of his final season in 2014, I would show off the new 2014 Jeters I have so far this season. It's not much, but with only one release so far, it's a good start.

I look forward to adding to these as the season goes on. Maybe even show more off as well as I get them. My favorite 2014 addition so far is the Super Veteran card. I like the design and the color fade from his past picture to his present.
Whether you are a Yankee fan or not, you have got to appreciate everything Derek Jeter brought to baseball. I would love to hear your favorite moment or two as there are many to choose from. I know mine was "the flip".
I wish Derek great health and good luck on this season and hopefully he will be bringing home World Series ring #6 to finish up an amazing career.

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  1. Nice cards. I hope Topps is smart and winds up making a bunch of neat Jeter cards the rest of this year. I hope they are not lazy on design with them, and i hope they show creativity. As to Jeter, i have too many memories to list, of course the flip, the flying into the stands, the home run in November in the world series, the home run against the Mets in the world series, his 3000th hit (also a home run), and a million other things. I will miss him beyond belief, a true legend and class act, the face of the Yankees for 20 years, it just wont be the same without him.