Monday, May 18, 2015

A Jammin Mail Day Part 1 of 2:Andre, Giants, Marino, Oh My!

Recently I picked up a few cards off from the Jammin JDcards site for my PC. If you haven't visited their site yet and the thousands of cards they have for sale, you are missing out!

In this first round of new pickups, I helped my Andre Williams PC a bit more, my Rodney Hampton one, and my 90's insert one in adding some cards from a guy named Dan Marino. You may have heard of him.

First up were these two Andre William cards.

Then next is my other favorite Giants RB, Rodney Hampton. I really like the Finest card a lot.

And Now Appearing.....Who doesn't enjoy the sparkle this card gives?

Then some 90's inserts from that guy named Dan Marino.The Hot Numbers was my favorite of the group. Very colorful and so 90's.

And to finish up the mail day, Jammin added these two in as a bonus!! Sweet scores too!
In part 2 of my mail day, are some sweet Griffeys for my PC. Hope you come back to check those out tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

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