Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grady Strikes Again! Mail Day Part 2: MLB Inserts

I love finding these in my packages from Grady. Two of three are new but I really need "Fluffy" still.

Sorry for the sideways picture, new phone. But lot's of Topps as you can see.

Chipper, Jackie Robinson lead the way among other big names.

More Topps inserts...I should look into putting some sets together.
And again...

And even some more.

You gotta dig the Crown Royale die cuts. Great looking cards.

And to end, a Frank Robinson from Cooperstown.
Another nice solid baseball insert overload mail day. Hopefully I can find the time to put together some insert sets to see if I have them all. That would be added to one of a million jobs I have to do in my collection.
More of this big mail day coming up tomorrow!

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