Wednesday, December 14, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Museum Collection UFC(Giveaway)

One of the newer products to the UFC lineup for Topps in Museum Collection, a hit brand for other sports. So let's see if this is HIT or miss.

In every box of 2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection is 1 pack. That one pack has 8 cards and a hobby box will run you roughly $80. Much cheaper than the other sports. Each box features one relic, one on-card autograph and one autographed relic card.

The base cards feature the same design to this years baseball. The only big difference is, the thickness of the base cards. The UFC ones are much thinner but not too thin. If found three of the possible fifty in the set in my box. It would obviously take you a few boxes to fill a set.

As with most products, there are parallels. I found two in my box. One of UFC great Anderson Silva, one of the featured fighters on the box. He is a ruby parallel /25 and the Miocic is a gold numbered to 75.

  • Copper
  • Sapphire (#'d to 50)
  • Emerald (#'d 1/1)
The product does have an insert set as well. But, they are tough to pull and rare. Canvas Collection Originals is artwork of top UFC fighters from leading MMA artists and is numbered 1 of 1.

Now onto the hits! Let's start out with the memorabilia hit first.

My first pull is a single-fighter Primary Piece Quad Relic.There are 30 different fighter cards each featuring 4 pieces of fighter-worn or event-used memorabilia..

Base versions are sequentially numbered and there are parallels of: 
  • Copper Parallel #'d to 25.
  • Gold Parallel #'d to 10.
  • Emerald Parallel #'d 1/1.
There is also Single-Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relics Legends that has 15 different legendary fighter cards each featuring 4 pieces of fighter-worn or event-used memorabilia with the same parallels and Four-Fighter Primary Pieces Quad Relic that has 10 different cards featuring 4 fighters, each with their own piece of fighter-worn or event-used memorabilia.Same parallels as above.

You can also find Prime Relic cards featuring prime pieces of fighter-worn or event used material. 
 Meaningful Material Relic features up to 25 fighters with a 1/1 emerald parallel and
Museum Memorabilia where all of the cards are 1/1 and up to 20 fighters.

I now move onto the autographs. Some are on-card, some are not.

My first one is an Archival Autograph which is on-card for the one I pulled. Some are, some aren't! The checklist is of UFC fighters veteran, retired and newly debuting.This one is numbered to /99. Each base version is sequentially numbered.

There are also parallels:
  • Gold Parallel #'d to 25.
  • Ruby Parallel #'d to 10.
  • Emerald Parallel #'d 1/1.
There are Dual Autographs as well that featuring up to 5 different fighter combinations. Cards will be signed on-card and #'d to 10.

There is also Museum Collection Framed Autographs.These specially framed cards feature on-card  autographs with Gold Frame #'d to 15, Silver Frame #'d to 5 and Black Frame #'d 1/1.

Up next, is my autographed relic card. The best pull of the box in my opinion.

This is a Single-Fighter Signature Swatches Relic Autograph of Chris Weidman. These feature
 a jumbo piece of fighter-worn memorabilia and an autograph.I like the design on these, I just wished they were on-card like the other auto I pulled.

Parallels to these include, 
  • Gold Parallel #'d to 25.
  • Emerald Parallel #'d 1/1. 
There are other versions of the autographed relic cards such as Single-Fighter Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs that includes2 relic pieces of fighter-worn memorabilia and an autograph with parallels of Gold Parallel #'d to 25.and Emerald Parallel #'d 1/1. There is also Single-Fighter Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs: with 3 relic pieces of fighter-worn memorabilia and an autograph and parallels of Gold #'d to 25 and Emerald Parallel #'d 1/1.

Overall, I love the appeal and design of the product and I think it was a great idea to bring this to the UFC stage. Imagine if Topps was to move this to the Star Wars stage.....take note of this Topps!

I think when buying this product you must also keep in mind that it's just as much of a risk as with any product in this price range. Some breaks will provide big booms while others will be okay and others may be a bit shocking. Mine was an okay of a break from my research. 

But, with the price range being around $80 and not close to $200 like with the other sports carrying the Museum Collection name, I say if you like UFC and don't mind a bit of a gamble, I would roll the dice here.

Now onto the giveaway. 

You will find some of the other cards in an upcoming promo beginning soon. Details to come on Sunday!

But, for now, you can enter to win these:

Here is how to enter: 

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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Huge thank you to SCC for the contest and to Topps for providing the box for this review.

    Pro - I'm a fan of the design and it's nice to see a good looking higher end UFC product with a lot of potential for hits of past and present fighters

    Con - the price point is a bit steep at approx. $10/card.

    1. Shared on the blog today:

  2. Thanks to topps and accept for this great prizes and opportunity.
    Pro:it's a fantastic price for the mma fan in your life. Guaranteed to get at least 2 awesome collection pieces.
    Con: with so many variations and inserts of cards it could end up being very pricy to get a full set.

    I would do this maybe 2 or 3 times overbatim most.

  3. That Julianna Pena auto is my favorite card of this break. I've been trying to gather her cards from this product.

    I appreciate that Topps and Sport Card Collectors take the time to send product and post these reviews. It gives me a look at a lot of products I might not otherwise be exposed to.

    Pro: The cards in Museum Collection look really good, and the checklist is pretty stacked compared to some other UFC products. There aren't a lot of scrubs in this product, and that really helps the value per box.

    Con: The sticker autographs detract from the appearance of the cards they show up on. The cards with on-card autographs look so much better.

  4. This is a big one for me, I'm a huge MMA fan and collector!

    Thanks as always for the giveaway and to Topps for the box.

    Pro- the value per box at the price point by decreasing the overall fighter list to 74 names and coupling with the premium nature of the hits makes this arguably the best UFC release ever. I've been critical of Topps in the past but they really knocked this one out of the park...err Octagon.

    Con- this is me being nitpick which shows how good this stuff has been: the red/ruby parallels are not numbered to 8 to be consistent with other products. Base is to 25, autos are to 10 I believe. I'm not sure if this was to meet the box requirements without adding another parallel or subset but I would have liked to see the /8 remain as I take great pleasure in tracking those down across all releases.

  5. Wow, thanks to Topps and as always Sportcardcollectors! Awesome blog as always!
    Well to dig right in the Pro's: Big Names! Big name manufacturer. So really nice new look and familiar with hobbyists. Looks like a really nice well thought out platform with plenty of parallels. Decent price point as pointed out. Product looks good. Also looks better than any other cards I've seen in this category.
    So now the Cons: The biggest con will be if the value of the contents of the box be enough to justify the price as we know most of the time it won't be but in football for example there are several ways to get the value back as Zeke and Dak get hot their price goes up. So how well can these go up and how many chase cards are there really in MMA. Just a thought. Not an expert but I still think the price point should be a little lower, and/or maybe more hits per box.
    Thanks for the chance again as always Steve Wright @tav2769 Twitter,
    Sport Card Collectors: REVIEW:2016 Topps Museum Collection UFC(Giveaway)

  6. Thank you SCC and topps for this awesome giveway, christmas or not.
    pros: I think this an excellent product with guaranteed autographs and a very good chance at getting some short run prints. The price is point is very reasonable.
    However the Con. Despite $80 being affordable, i don't really believe its necessarily a great value. I would rather spend over a hundred for allen and gitner or something along those lines.

    Thanks again for the awesome opportunity, I hope I get the chance to open this box and i hope it can prove me wrong about the value.
    @Mcwillis10 on Twitter