Sunday, July 1, 2018

Breaking Down My Yankees PC

I figured as I went along with my organizing of my Yankees, I might as well take some numbers down like I did with my Giants PC.

Now, this PC won't even come close to touching my Giants PC as I always put football way ahead of baseball, but, not bad numbers for some parts of the PC. I also didn't break it down as in-depth as the Giants PC because there isn't as much to discuss but I do have the numbers ready.

Next to each player/section is the amount of cards I have of them. Remember, I do not keep dupes of any of them so these numbers are solely based on singles. These players are also based on pinstripes only. I do have other cards of the players who have played elsewhere but those do not count as a technical  "Yankee card".

Overall NY Yankees: 3,802
NY Yankee Rookie Cards: 683
Autograph Cards: 17
Memorabilia Cards: 31

Derek Jeter : 284
C.C. Sabathia: 55
Don Mattingly: 101
Mariano Rivera: 76
Didi Cards: 16
Servino: 13
Brett Gardner: 33
Betances: 33
Wade Boggs: 34
Jacoby Ellsbury: 35
Gary Sanchez: 34
Tanaka: 35
Jason Giambi: 50
Chapman: 23
Andy Pettite: 48
Bernie Williams: 67
Reggie Jackson: 24
Dave Winfield: 19
Jorge Posada: 42
Mike Mussina: 54
Paul O'neil: 40
Tino Martinez: 61
Hideki Matsui: 28
Giancarlo Stanton: 4
Clint Frazier: 10
Tyler Austin: 19
Andujar: 7
Gleyber Torres: 22
Aaron Judge: 74

Old timers with no vintage. Numbers are all based on newer cards.
Mickey Mantle: 68
Joe DiMaggio: 18
Yogi Berra: 30
Roger Maris: 19
Lou Gehrig: 31
Whitey Ford; 29
Babe Ruth: 62

Some players are much higher than others but most average about 23 cards each. I was stunned to learn that I had so many Mattingly cards and that he is my second highest Yankee to Jeter as I didn't seek his stuff as much as I have Jeter.

A lot of these Yankee cards I don't intentionally collect anymore (unless they are wicked cool 90's inserts) besides the following players that I specifically collect from the team.

The following players I would add any cards of that I don't have.
  • Aaron Judge
  • Derek Jeter
  • Gleyber Torres
  • Mickey Mantle
I wouldn't mind adding some vintage Yankees of Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio and Gehrig.

I will add this as a tab at some point when I start to rework a few things on here. You will start to see some of the changes as time goes on.

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  1. I wouldn't mind adding some vintage cards of Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio, or Gehrig either ;)