Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Collector And Rod

Mail days have been trickling in just enough to keep the blog posts flowing.

Chris over at The Collector ran a series of freebie Fridays that has overtaken the blogosphere and I was fortunate enough to score a few cards from it.

Alonzo Mourning Pro Visions towards my set chase.

My boy John Starks!

And a 90's insert with Shareef Abdur-Rahim

Thanks Chris for the mail day!

My next mail day arrived in two separate envelopes from Rod over at Padrographs. He had two cards up for grabs one day for my PC so I luckily was able to land em.
This Kirby Puckett is not only a great looking card with a nice photo, but it crosses a need off my set chase.

I have always been a Contenders fan, so grabbing an autograph Draft Ticket was a just because. I also know a Texas fan I may RAK it to. You know, Pay It Forward.

Thanks again Rod!

I hope to repay the favor at some point and give back to the blogging world. I have been thinking of a way, just gotta lay it out better and make sure it's limited to only bloggers.


  1. I miss The Big Show. And I used to collect Contenders rookie tickets back in the day.

    Enjoy the cards!

  2. Love those old Pro Visions!

    1. I do as well. We could use those in today's hobby