Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2013-2014 ITG Between The Pipes Hobby Box

ITG is a company I have never opened a box of product from, but recently I was given this opportunity by winning a contest from Steel City Collectibles on Twitter.

Each hobby box of 2013-14 In The Game Between The Pipes Hockey comes with 18 packs and 9 cards per pack. Boxes roughly run for $40 with 4 hits.This product is goalies only as the product title states.

Here is what the base cards look like. There are three types, Greats Of The Game, Regular and Stars Of The Game. The design and card stock are okay. Nothing overly exciting.

Inserts.... Really like the look of these.

These are really cool. The Masked Men are chromed. You know how much I love Chrome and especially well done Chrome. Refractor parallels need to be done!

Game Used jersey cards! You don't find those too often anymore in a hobby loaded with event worn. Pulled a nice Hasek as my top hit.The designs are okay, the impressive part is the decent swatch size.

My auto
My first break of ITG wasn't bad. Got an extra hit and I guess you can't argue with that. Wasn't anything big or anything that really jumped out but I did like the Hasek. I guess to me a goalies only product isn't a hit. I know being a goalie is the most important position and toughest one on the ice, but it just doesn't have that collecting appeal as opening an all position product would and landing for an example, a Sidney Crosby. A goalies only product is sort of like making a football product all of offensive and defensive lineman. Not exciting, despite respecting the position.

I would like to say thanks to SCC for the box and the contest as well. They have great deals on products and run many promotions as well.

Let me know your thoughts on my break and if you have broken any.

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