Thursday, October 16, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

Once again I was a lucky recipient of a contest mail day from @APetrelac on Twitter in his game of "guess the...." contest. This time it was from the Baltimore Ravens/Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday Night game. Yes, I know. I am a little late on this shout out.

But here is what arrived. More NY Rangers for that PC that is slowly growing. These are all NEW additions.

And this one I was totally stoked about! I have been wanting a Krieder Prizm rookie. I got a box of Prizm awhile back but he wasn't found in it. Now I have it!
A big thanks goes out to @APetrelac again. I really appreciate the mail day and new PC additions.

If you have Twitter and are not following him. Please do so. He does contests and discusses the hobby.

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