Saturday, October 11, 2014

MAIN CONTEST: Fans Visit Their Participating 2014 Player Of The Day Shops!

Here are fans of Sport Card Collectors Checking out their local participating Player Of The Day shops! They are not only winning cause they went to their local participating shop to get Panini cards and Player Of The Day packs, but now have a guaranteed prize from Sport Card Collectors as well for doing so!

I must apologize in advance as well, for some odd reason, I fixed all of the pictures to face the right direction but my computer thought they should look the way they are represented. So, I did my best, but the pictures no matter what angle they are, are still awesome because it shows what this promotion means.

Bryan McCarter

the bowl cut kid

 Mrblu1976(even shared hits)

  Card Traders Of Austin

Tracy LeVeaux

 Bill's Sports Collectibles in Denver, CO.

Mike's Stadium Sportcards in Aurora, CO.

(with SCC permission on not doing seflies)

(with SCC permission on not doing seflies but I did ask for a hand to be included to count as a purchase)

Thanks to everyone who does this! The pictures are much appreciate for not only the blog, but for Panini to see as well!

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