Friday, October 10, 2014


In the game of baseball, you may face some challenges. Hitting, pitching, catching or just base running. In the game of life, you also face some challenges such as sin, death, finances and other small or big challenges. In this movie, Joe Finn, faces both.
The storyline starts as Joe Finn, a father and husband, left town for a big scouting opportunity in the city for 7 years leaving behind his wife and son, David. Joe was only trying to what was best for his family by taking a bigger job so he can provide them with more. What he didn't realize, was the impact of him not being there would make.

Before Joe left, you find out the strong role that baseball played in the relationship between father and son as the dad was the coach of the son's team called The Gappers.

When Joe finally returned back to town, he found out that things were not quite the same as he left. His wife was dying of cancer, his son was unforgiving of him leaving and was soon headed for college in a few weeks, and the game of baseball that he loved wasn't quite the same either.

In an attempt to win back his son, he went back to the game they both love, baseball. So Joe joined coaching with David, who was coaching The Gappers at the time, and they worked together to overcome their differences in which they turned the team, that seemed to have no potential and absent fathers, to a winning team and even got the fathers who were once absent to show up and help out their sons. The impact that Joe and David's new relationship was making, even had an impact on a father in jail discovers a new way of helping his son from within the prison cell.

Without giving away the entire movie in my review, cause honestly, then you wouldn't need to watch, all I can say that it was a great watch from start to finish. It wasn't just a normal baseball movie focusing on just baseball and winning, it was much deeper than that and the relationships we can form with the sport. The movie is great on many levels and has some humor, makes you smile at the relationships being formed and most importantly teaches you forgiveness. As God is always forgiving us, we sometimes need to do the same to others. If you have time to watch this movie, I highly recommend it.

If you want to see more, watch the OFFICAL TRAILER and I bet you will be hooked.

So not only did I get to review this great movie, but I also get to give one away thanks to my friends over at Family Christian.

Here is how to enter, leave me a comment below about FORGIVENESS, which was the key theme of this movie. You will have until October 17th, 2014 by 8 pm e.t. to enter to win this movie. I will then random the names and have a winner announced on October 18th, 2014.

Remember to thank Family Christian for their generosity by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Even if you don't win, you can still pick up the DVD on their website right HERE.

Good luck to everyone who enters and God Bless!!

NOTE: Contest ONLY open to U.S. Residents...SORRY!!

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