Saturday, October 11, 2014

THE KID PHOTOS!! 2014 Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Promo Part 2:

Kids. They are the future of this glorious hobby. So this year I wanted to dedicate a part of this years Player Of The Day promotion to them.

This is the place to view all of the creative photos I get for the second part of my Player Of The Day promo! I can't wait to see these pics!

Remember, be creative don't forget that these photos will be voted on by Panini to decide the winners :)

Now onto the pics! I will add them as I get them.

Little Collector (Mark DeBarge)

Packers vs Steelers (Brian J. McCarter)

 Father and Son Collecting Duo! (batcavelv)

 GO PACK GO!(Andy Parkevich)

Forte Fan!( Laina Betts)

Panini Get's A Thumbs Up! (Troy Schweda)

Football Fanatic (Aleah Evans)

Predator Collector (Brad Jorgensen)

The Future (Mrblu1976)

A big thanks goes out to everyone who entered!

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