Friday, October 17, 2014

Close Your Mouth, The Drool May Destroy Your Keyboard When You See This!

Wow! OH MY! INCREDIBLE! Comes to mind when I see my latest pickup from Jammin JD Sports Cards.

Yes I know it's an Eagle and yes I know I am a Giants fan, but when I saw this on their site, I had to have it. There is not confusion on who I root on still.

This is why I NEEDED this card. First off, I don't have any of these "shadowbox" cards or anything from Strata. Secondly, look at it, that patch just is a beautiful thing. I don't care who is on the card. Thirdly, it's an autographed rookie card, you just never know when a rookie will get their chance. Finally, I got a great deal on it from Jammin JD Sports Cards.

Would love to hear your guys thoughts on this new pickup and if you have ever tried shopping at Jammin JD Sports Cards. Because if you haven't, you are missing out!

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