Thursday, October 2, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Topps Football Hanger Pack

After opening up a hobby box of 2014 Topps football, I wanted a taste of retail. Honestly, after opening up retail I wondered why anyone would buy hobby. For $15 you get 14 rookie cards, a handful of inserts and a relic card. It's still got one hit like a hobby box at a third of the price. Yes, the one hit in the hobby box could be an autograph, but I bet that isn't the case 80% of the time.So why spend more for the same?

There are two different forms of these hanger packs. One has 72 cards with special parallels for $10. This one has the 72 cards and a relic card for $15.

New JPP for the PC:

My 14 rookie cards:

Inserts....I am still not a fan.

Parallels! Gold and a Military one.

The hit. This has a nice size swatch, very high gloss and thicker. The design isn't bad either.
Overall, I think it was worth the risk of $15. The one hit could be a top player. You get 14 rookie cards. Then you throw in inserts and I think you could find value in here. I was much happier getting Topps this way than a hobby box.

Do you agree with my assessment? Let me know in comments!

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