Tuesday, April 8, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1995 Skybox Premium Football Box Part 3/3

Recently I busted a box of 1995 Skybox Premium Football. I did this for many reasons. One, I wanted the nostalgia. Two, I wanted to have a fun bust where I wasn't worried about value because that's the 90's way of collecting and I like it! Three, I liked the design of the overall product from base cards to inserts.

Back when I first bought some of the product in 1995 pack prices were about $2.99. I remember going into our local gas station (my second hobby shop option at that time) and picking up a few packs at a time counting down the seconds til I got to open the beautiful product in the car. Flash-forward 19 years later,  I got this box for $18 and it came with 36 packs, 10 cards per pack and a whole lot of fun. That moment of running back to my car to bust the packs came back as well, except this time I opened the box that UPS came with and ran to my couch. I savored every minute of opening every pack. The only issue I had with this box was the cards sticking to one another in the packs. I guess it's something you have got to think about when buying older product and not something I even considered when I bought it. Lesson learned.

As you notice by the title, I am breaking down this 90's Rip Party version of 1995 Skybox Premium into 3 sections. The first post I did on the base cards, rookie cards and two of the subsets that you can find HERE. The second part I moved onto my favorite subset of all-time called Mirror Image that you can find HERE. Today, I will finish off the three part box break with the inserts that I pulled from the box.

As you most likely know, 1990's inserts were some of the most unique inserts around in terms of creativity, design and pizazz.  Skybox Premium Football had some of each.

The first two inserts are unique and printed on foil-board. Quickstrike featured veteran players with some of their big plays from the previous season. The numbers behind the player represents the score of game they made the big play in, while the description on the back describes what they did. These inserts fell 1:15 packs.

The Promise featured promising players from the 1994 class and fell 1:24 packs

One of my favorite inserts of the 90's was Paydirt. The rainbow colored background, the yardage on the side til "paydirt" , and the way the player seems to "jump" off the cardboard made these really easy on the eyes and these pictures by far do not do them justice. Another fun thing was finding these 1:4 packs! So you get at least 9 in a box. A great way to try and get a set!

And this concludes our three part 90's Rip Party break of 1995 Skybox Premium Football. I had a lot of fun breaking this box while sharing my results along the way.

Let me know your thoughts on my break and which part you enjoyed the most and which cards were your favorite.

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  1. Love those PayDirt inserts. If you need a home for that Emmitt you know where to find me =P. Cool Break, I look forward to more.