Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2014 Flair Football

I broke another box of this. Why? Plain and simple, one box wasn't enough. I absolutely love this stuff and appreciate the great effort that Upper Deck put into it.

First off, the key base cards:

Row 2

Row 1
Row 0

Legacy Collection parallels. Davonte is numbered to 100.

Metal inserts:

First autograph. Not somebody I had heard of.

Oh yeah! Giants PC!

And a nice hit here. Aaron Murray autographed Memorabilia
I was once again impressed with this product. In two boxes I have broken, ZERO doubles. ZILCH. I have not almost completed the Row 2 set except four numbers. That's pretty impressive. Most products you buy two boxes of you have more doubles than you have cards you could use.

I was also looking forward to seeing what the auto/jersey cards looked like and I like em. You won't hear too many complaints from me on this product. This easily makes it into my Top 3 favorite Upper Deck products. Imagine how much more impressive this would have been if it was NFL.

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