Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Incredible Upper Deck #UDRAK Mail Day

What a morning!

About 10:30 this morning Fed Ex pulled in. I expected it to be one of the early Christmas presents I ordered for a family member but it was much more exciting than that.

This arrived:

That's right, it was an UPPER DECK RAK!! #UDRAK

I opened it up and was simply amazed. I felt like I kept digging for cardboard treasure! I was in heaven!

Inside there was 9 hobby boxes broken down to three Conference Greats, One 2014 Upper Deck CFL, One 2013 Upper Deck USA, one 2014 Flair Showcase football, one 2014 Upper Deck hockey, one 2014 Upper Deck Fleer Ultra hockey, and one 2013 Upper Deck Black Basketball.

Also in the lot was 13 packs of 2013 Fleer Retro autograph packs, 16 packs of 2013 Sp Authentic football, and 11 packs of 2013-2014 Sp Authentic Basketball. There was also 3 2014 Upper Deck National Sets. As for showing you what was in the boxes and packs, you will have to wait til Monday posts to find that out. Believe me, some you will WANT to see.

Also hiding in the loaded box,  was one Upper Deck 25th anniversary pen, one Upper Deck pin drive, and 5 Upper Deck 25th anniversary shirts. Like I said, wow!

There were also these two oversized autographed cards in there. One of Keenan Allen, the other of Melvin Ingram. Pretty sweet! I have been wanting an Allen auto!

Then I found this in there. This is a really cool piece to add to my collection. I like the not-everyday type of cards. AND IT'S AUTOGRAPHED!

Then came the epic finish. One like no other....a thick autographed poster of MY MAN Ken Griffey Jr! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! What a centerpiece for my PC!
I can't thank Upper Deck enough. I am still shaking as I type this and words cannot express my gratitude. And to be honest, I teared up a little. Yes, I am a man who can admit to that.

Before I finish this post I must also say, because of Upper Deck's generosity with me, I will be giving away some of the cards I pulled in 2015 . So be ready for those giveaways!

Once again, THANK YOU UPPER DECK. I must also say thank you to Chris Carlin. You rock and you are THE MAN! You have made my year in a year that should be all about you and your 25th anniversary! Happy 25th Anniversary, here's to many more and thank you so much again for the SICK #UDRAK. You will always get my support!

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