Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Select Certified Baseball Pack Break

If I had to Select something back in 1995 and had to Select a baseball pack to open, I would have chosen Select Certified.

In every pack of 1995 Select Certified baseball, you will find 6 cards with packs running just slightly under $4. There will actually be 7 cards with the checklist included in every pack. There are 7 different checklist players to choose from.

The base set is printed on metallic stock and are thick. Which I should also mention the checklist cards are much thinner. You can also find Gold Mirror parallels.

The players I pulled in my pack were all decent players and ones that I watched growing up.

Chuck, I can't throw to first base, Knoblach.

Deion I shoulda just stuck to football Sanders.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH. The horrible Rookie markings of non-rookie!!! I can't stand when these are marked this way. The only true rookies in this product were Bobby Higginson and Hideo Nomo.

And a nice Jeter addition I didn't have.Looks really nice. Now I wished I had the mirror parallel to match.

And my checklist. As you can easily tell, these didn't stick with rest of the base.
Overall, a great break. Piazza Checklist, some nice base and a new Jeter. I wished all of my pack breaks made me feel this way.

This is a product I am definitely going to look into again. There are the parallels and some really fun dufex inserts to chase and both are up my alley..

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