Monday, February 23, 2015

Double The Trade, Double The Fun Mail Day

For someone who had never traded online before, I have really expanded on that. In the last few days alone I have accomplished four trades with two more in the works. Most of these trades are done with the same people, except the two that arrived today. They are new to my trading circle, but people I knew I could trust. I will not trade with just anyone as I do my research.

However, Jamie and Bryan have been readers of this blog forever and participate with the blog in many ways so I already knew of them. In the cases of our trades, one contacted me about a trade while the other I contacted. No matter how these trades started, we all were happy in the end.

First, let's show off the cards I received from Jamie.

This is another nice addition to my increasingly growing Andre Williams PC. As soon as he tweeted this card out, I had to have it. This is my third Williams auto in just a few weeks.

Jamie also threw these two in. Love the Eli!

And this guy is set to have a big season. Sweet auto card of his! Always like Platinum!
That was a very successful first trade with Jamie. Would definitely trade with him again in the future!

Now onto my trade with Bryan.You might also know him from or as 90's Niche Football Card Blog. If you haven't already yet, give his excellent blog a view and even add it to your read list.

I had a couple of Green Bay Packer cards he wanted to add so he dug out a few Giants for me.

Another Jernigan auto for that PC. I hope the Giants retain him. 

Eli! Really like the look of Crown Royale.

Like I said about Andre Williams, it's a growing PC.

And love the shiny stuff! Nassib I think will have his day someday.
A nice trade with Bryan as well. We are already discussing a second trade.

Overall, some nice additions. However, I think I might be coming to the realization that out of all of the things I collect, the Giants are becoming my main focal point. Which makes sense, I watch football the most and am very passionate about my Giants.

But, despite my realization, I still plan on collecting as I always have. You know, everything.

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