Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BREAKING! Updated Rueben Randle Topps Chrome Rainbow!!

Last Friday was a very important mail day, with the help of my buddy at Jammin JDcards in a trade, I was able to add a 7 card refractor lot to my Rueben Randle rainbow!!!!!!!

Here are the shiny new additions including a black, blue, camo, orange, base refractor, prism and finally a X-factor.

Here is my rainbow all together so far. I never thought in a million years that I would get this far on a rainbow. Especially after only starting three weeks ago.
I am currently only THREE short of completion!!! I need the Gold (I have only seen one on eBay floating around but it is too expensive for me right now) Red (haven't seen one of these listed anywhere at all) and the Super Fractor (this was just listed on eBay recently for $299).

In the end, I would call my rainbow complete if I could haul in the Gold and Red refractors. Odds have it I won't ever be able to get the Super unless through a trade.

Let's hear your thoughts on my rainbow up to this point.

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