Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2015 Upper Deck USA Football

I have posted many times about this product. It's one that's packed with autographs of possible future NFL stars. So why not take a chance on this??

Each box comes with 12 hits with a combo of jersey, auto and patch cards. Boxes will run roughly $80.

Some of these guys sign great, other sign EZW lol.

Stricklin's signature is very similar to Rueben Randles...and he is a top recruit to Baylor

Some fun dual autos.

And they come with some pretty slick GAME USED patch cards. Normally I think one is jersey and one is patch per box. I got lucky that's all.

Overall, solid box break as always of this product. Hopefully someday I have found the next HOFer in these boxes. I have many players from a variety of years to keep an eye on.
What do you guys think of this break? Product?


  1. I've always wondered what these looked like. Has to be fun wondering how your pull will come out years down the road. Good post.