Friday, August 5, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Elite Football

Another one of my yearly purchases, Elite football comes in a much different kind of form this year and I am really digging it. Unlike the changes made to Certified, I am liking the new ones to Elite.

Let's read on!

Once again I apologize for missing box picture but here is the breakdown.

In every box of 2016 Elite football, you will find 20 Packs Per Box with 5 Cards Per Pack. Boxes will come with Two Autographs and One Memorabilia Card and boxes will run you about $110.

The base card set is full of patterned beauty. There are 200 cards in the base set consisting of veterans, rookies and legends. I have no complaints on the base set design as it brings me back to the 90's early 2000's. It's somewhat similar to an Spx design I think from 2007.

You won't find boxes packed with rookies either. At least mine wasn't. I only got a grand total of three which is odd in today's world. I guess that will help with the value on these even with them not being numbered.

If you think the base set looks nice, wait til you see the parallels on it.

There are offerings of Retail Green, Black #/199, Green #/99, Teal #/75, Red #/49, Purple #/25, Orange #/10, Blue #/5, and Gold 1/1.
Not only are the designs different in the background, the most defining part of the parallels is the background color.
This is Teal:

This is black.

This is red and green:

Inserts in Elite this year, are Elite. They are very reminiscent of Pinnacle ones of the late 90's. 

It's full of shine, die-cuts and some dufex and cool themes. Most of the inserts also have parallels.

Home Field advantage has Blue #/10 and Gold 1/1 parallels.

Elitist, shown above to but I wanted to get you guys another look, is very die-cut, unique and comes with Blue #/10 and Gold 1/1 parallels too.

And one of my favorites, Field Vision. What an awesome photography angle. These come with Green, Red #/49, Purple #/25, Orange #/10, Blue #/5, and Gold 1/1 parallels.
Now onto my hits. Most boxes come with three with two autographs, my came with two total. Things were going so well to but that part.

Prime Numbers comes with different Tiers and numbering. This one is a pretty solid pull with Mariotta.

And my other pull, a one-per-box find in Pen Pals. These are on-card autographs I believe that were signed at the NFL Rookie Premier. Not a bad one in Drake who could start in Miami. These also come in rarer red and green ink variations.
Other pulls not found in my box are, Passing the Torch dual signatures, Prime Numbers that feature autographed versions, Pen Pals triple-signed autograph per case, THROWBACK THREADS SUPER PRIME, EPIC MATERIALS SUPER PRIME, and Turn of the Century Autographs among other insert finds too. And parallels!
Overall, I wished this box wasn't missing my second autograph. It's really tough to judge box value without it. Up to that point I had a really good feeling about Elite so I guess in the end I will leave it a positive note and assume that last hit would fill the gap on the value.
I love the new changes to Elite overall, base cards look nice (I may chase the set), parallels and inserts very solid and the pulls appear to be there as well with past themes returning.
As always, your thoughts on the product are encouraged!
By the way, make sure you thank Panini America for this review box and check out their site for products like this one and others. Find some of these cards in a future NFL contest! 

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  1. Not bad. Not sure I'll pick any up but you gave me much more insight into the set than I've seen in reviews. Love the retro/throwback players. Great post - thanks.