Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TTM: Tim Allen Did Me Right!

If you read the blog last week, you would have known I sent out an TTM request to Tim Allen.

Well, he responded with a photo and a printed signature. I was happy just for the response, but still wanted more from one of my favorites. So I sent a few physical items that were more personal to a better address hoping for better results.

Well, looks like he did me right this time...
I just wished I could had lightened the color on the photocopies I had sent but this time he "on-card signed" them. That's right, Tim Allen, the legend, physically touched these and signed them. Well, saying it that way makes me sound creepy lol.
A big thanks goes out to Tim for taking a second out to sign these for me. They will be framed and added to the man cave wall as pieces of remembrance from my childhood. 

Have you guys ever sent a request to Tim? Have you ever re-sent in a request to actually get something signed after your first attempt was a fail? How did that go?

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