Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chromed:Grady M Mail Day Part 8

Today marks Part 8 in this mail day series breakdown. Like I mentioned in this last post, there is lots of shiny things to show off. Today's take a look at everything both chromed and refractored.

This post is a bittersweet one as well. It showcases some incredible refractors from a product I have bought since 1996 and a popular one among collectors, but it also is a reminder that this is something we won't be seeing anymore going forward. Very sad.

Up first, a solid group of players including my guy Cruz.

Up next, green and blue waves including Troy P.

Woooooooo look out for your eyes with this group! X-factors~

Some purple including JPP who I am hoping has a huge year. The Giants will need him.

And finally a camo refractor to finish.
As I have said before in earlier posts, I really need to start grouping these things together in my binders to see how far along of a set I may have. Grady has sent me many groups of chrome refractors and at this point I have just stuck them in binders. I think I need to take a second to sort them all out.

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