Wednesday, August 24, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Panini Unparalleled Football (AUTO GIVEAWAY)

Panini the last few years has taken what I feel is a dive back to the 90's and I have been completely on board with it.

This one has a Leaf Quantum feel, but one that is taken to the max. If you like squigglies and everything shiny, well, this one is definitely for you.

Read on to see more.

In every box of 2016 Panini Unparalleled football is 8 Packs with 10 Cards Per Pack. Each Box contains One Autograph and Two Memorabilia Cards and also has....
  • 3 #'D CARDS
 And boxes go for $90.

The base cards are hard to explain so I had to borrow the info from Panini's Knights Lance blog to help with defining them. The designs are very shiny, sparkly, glittery and so on. It does appear that the base goes by color more than design so check below on how to define them.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.55.56 PM
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.56.37 PM
There are 100 veterans and legends (1-100) along with 100 rookies (101-200) involved. Some of the rookies may be guys you haven't heard of so it gives a good opportunity to get those type of players before they turn into stars.

This kinda product is lots of fun for those who like to collect rainbows of their favorite players or rookies.

Now onto the inserts.

The shiny sparkly design stays true throughout the product. Each insert has it's own set of parallels of Orange /99, Red /49, Blue /25, Green /10, Gold /5,  and Black 1/1.
The insert themes are well done. I mean Pivotal Drive are key players you would want to be on the field towards the end of the game and All-Pro is self explanatory.
Perfect Pairs has teammates who are ready to tear it up!

Zoned, love the Eli by the way, players with numbers from their best game of 2015.

World Class Records has players with just that.

Now onto the hits!

My first pull was a RPS Rookie Material dual jersey. There are different levels to find of these including Dual /199, Dual Prime /49, Triple /25, Triple Prime /10, Brand Logo /2, and Triple Tag 1/1. The base ones with one swatch are numbered to 299.

This is a veteran memorabilia set. These have parallels as well of Dual /99 and Triple #49 or less.
Mine is a slick sick patch triple relic. Love the relics on the card design. And don't tell me you don't.

And my final pull, I was hoping for a RPS Rookie Autograph Jersey Relic, but they fall one in every other box, but I did get a top pick. Look above for definition of parallels you can find.
Overall, I am a fan. But, this product won't be for everyone as not everyone digs the shiny/swirly in-depth designs in this product. Collecting a set or putting a rainbow of your favorite players would be a ton of fun. Or just chasing the memorabilia cards as I still like those a lot.
The inserts are nice, the memorabilia cards look spectacular and the autographs don't look too bad either and the design drowns out the sticker autos. And the checklist includes veterans, legends and rookie hits throughout. So you are not just getting a bunch of rookie related material.

The cost is what I would expect for a product like this. My box wasn't the best break, but I think with the number of numbered cards you are expected and the possible chance at big hits this one is worth a try. But, only if you are a fan of the design. If not, you probably shouldn't bust.
Now time for the giveaway and the chance to win this:
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Good luck to those that enter!!


  1. Pro: it's shinny cool looking product. It has some of the big players and Rookies in it. I love the parallels.

    Con: I can only afford to get in on breaks of the product.


  2. Pro: Great list of parallels with variety of players.
    Con: Some of the shiny cards are a little bit harder to read.

  3. Love the product as in terms of colors etc.
    Con - numbering etc. is difficult to see

  4. I REALLY like this set. I love the shiny stuff, but get not everyone does.
    Pro: fun looking set, good inserts,
    Cons: 1 auto per box, I know they say it could be more, but I've yet to see more than one

  5. I like it for the most part, but the parallels seem a little out of control. I'm still trying get used to not having Topps around, and this seems like kind of fun Chrome/Tek mix and replacement, but, like Tek, it looks like it can get a bit too crazy.

    Is that auto a sticker or on-card? I can't tell fro the picture I'm seeing.

  6. The cards look really cool and I would love to see them in hand. A suppose a con is I don't follow football much these days. Wonder if they'd put out a baseball set like this?

  7. What a box break! Lockett and Buckner! Go Hawks and Go Ducks!!! I would be stoked to pull those 2 guys. I like those relic cards. Look nice and the design is good for them, I don't like the base as I think it's a bit too much. Almost childish with all the background and shiny design.

  8. Pro: The hits look NICE!
    Con: The base set and parallels, etc are significantly confusing.

  9. Thanks to Tracy and the fine folks at Panini America for all they do, it was an honor to meet everyone at Nationals. Thanks for the contest as well.

    Pros- the design work is dynamic and value per box is well above average.

    Cons- I am personally not a fan of unnumbered SPs in any product, too easy to overlook and too tough to track. Give me serial numbers any day of the week.

  10. Thanks as always Panini and Sport collector
    Pro Has to be the fun design and inserts.
    Con is that it is a repetitive product that just seemed rushed in my opinion. It looks very similar to Donruss or elite. I hope this isn't where the hobby is heading where there is going to be 20 new products released every few months because it's going to be the 90s all over again


  12. The design is top notch. It reminds me of Spectra. My only complaint is that they don't have this brand for baseball!

  13. Pro: I really like how the cards look and are designed.
    Con: Not a fan of so many variations of the base cards.

  14. Pro I really love the overall look and colors of these cards
    Cons price I know you get what you pay for but damn these cards are sick

  15. pro:love the shiny and unique look to these cards! The autos are nice and every triple patch I've seen have been sick!

    Con:price point is a little high for only 1 auto. Also not enough #/d cards!
    Thanks Panini for this cool product & thanks Sports Card Collector for this great review!

  16. pro:love the shiny and unique look to these cards! The autos are nice and every triple patch I've seen have been sick!

    Con:price point is a little high for only 1 auto. Also not enough #/d cards!
    Thanks Panini for this cool product & thanks Sports Card Collector for this great review!