Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Boog Yeah!

Not sure where my mother-in-law got these, but she handed them to me awhile back and said "not sure if there is anything here but here you go"

I never argue with getting cards of any type so I told her, "thank you they are great." Knowing at first glance that there wasn't much here, but cards are cards to me.

Up first, some Fleer basketball cards. Not the best players or the worst. They were in decent shape at least.
And the final card was my favorite card from the group was this 1991 Sportflics Kellogs Boog Powell.
First off, 90's card. Second, not something I have or have seen. Third, I like me some Sportflics!
I did some research on these and found out it's a 15 card set with a pretty solid checklist with players like Yogi Berra and Hank Aaron. The cards are not worth much individually, but as a group come together as a solid $20 or so set.

It's exciting to know even though my card funds are way down this year, that I have been able to enjoy the hobby with new pickups still thanks to her. I never know where or when she will find me some new stuff, but I know she always has her eyes out for me.
Thoughts on today's cards are always welcomed!

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