Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Mini Problem:Grady M Mail Day Part 1

He we go. The kickoff showcase to that massive mail day that I got from reader Grady M about a month ago starts today. These will be spread out over the month of August and will feature roughly 11 posts. Like I said, it was massive.

Today's showcases only a FEW of the at least 50-60 mini cards that he included in the mail day. This only showcases the parallels and not the many, many others that I got.

A good variety of teams and players showcased here covering a few different numbered parallels.Some numbered to 99.

Even more parallels. I should look at putting some of these sets together even though I know I am still a ways off.

Yes, this one isn't a parallel, but it stood out to me since I like non-sport related cards. My first, first-lady card.

And my favorite card of the group is this rainbow foil mini. I didn't know these existed but they are beautiful if you haven't seen them. McCovey isn't a shabby one to have either. I was surprised though these weren't numbered.
My mini problem is finding a way to store these lol. I usually just put them in regular-sized page sheets but they fall out occasionally. And with this many in bulk, that could turn out an issue. So was curious how you guys stored minis?


  1. I had the same problem as you until I found some ultra pro mini pages and top loaders at my LCS a few months back. They are a live saver! The top loaders come with mini penny sleeves too!

  2. I know BCW has mini top loaders and penny sleeves, as I just bought a couple packs of mini penny sleeves from them. I think they also had mini pages but I can't remember