Saturday, August 27, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Chrome Baseball (GIVEAWAY)

Since 1996, Topps Chrome has been a staple in the hobby and especially in my household. It's quite possibly my favorite product out on the market overall.

It is a sad year however without a football version, but I still at least get my taste of Chrome and keep my streak up of at least busting one sport or the other since 1996.

Let's see how this years stacks up against the rest.

In every box of 2016 Topps Chrome baseball is 24 packs with 4 cards per pack. You will find a ton of parallels and 2 autographs per box. Boxes run at a reasonable $65.
The base set design matches the same one you find in the flagship. The only difference is the back of the card numbering and the cut down to just 200 players. Other than that, a good design to begin with and you stick some chrome on it and it looks even better.

The base set also features photo variations that fall 1:423 packs with a limited amount of players. So not an easy pull.

Now time for the parallels.
Refractors!! There is a ton to find from this variety:
  • Refractor
  • Prism Refractor
  • Purple Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Blue Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Green Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Refractor: sequentially numbered to 50.
  • Orange Refractor: sequentially numbered to 25. HOBBY ONLY
  • Red Refractor: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1
Here are my refractor card parallels. I must also note the word "refractor" has made its presence on the back of the cards again.

Prism refractors. These look great but are unnumbered.

David Wright is a purple numbered /275 and Syndergaard is a blue numbered /150
Now onto the inserts. These bad boys looked great in flagship, but the power of these has been taken to the max! The chrome finish and rainbow refractor overly improved all inserts into ones some may collect sets of.
The next couple of inserts have parallels of Green #/99, Orange #/25, Red #/5, and SuperFractor 1/1.
Okay, just going to say it, these Future Star cards look amazing. The stained glass approach with a slap of chrome and refractor gives your eyes some candy for sure. Of course the First Pitch card I pulled of a Nina Agdal does that too ;)

Youth Impact is another eye stunner. This years Chrome inserts have really taken a great turn
Other inserts I didn't pull were ROY Chronicles Set Checklist that has 15 cards to collect with 1 card falling per case. Good luck putting this set together!
I should also mention before moving on.....2016 TOPPS CHROME BASEBALL will also have exclusive HOT BOXES that will replace base cards with all BLACK REFRACTOR PARALLELS!
Yeah, pretty sweet. I would love to bust a box with those in it.
Now onto the hits!

My two autographs were not the best, but I have never pulled the in-terms of hits in Chrome. To me, that's not what Chrome is about anyways.

The rookie autos are on-card though which makes plenty of collectors happy.

This is an orange parallel /25
Rookie autos have the following refractor parallels
  • Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Purple Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Blue Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Orange Refractor: sequentially numbered to 25.
  • Red Refractor: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1.
Other fun autograph finds not in my box include, MLB DEBUT AUTOGRAPHS, YOUTH IMPACT AUTOGRAPHS, R.O.Y. CHRONICLES AUTOGRAPHS, TEAM LOGO AUTOGRAPHS (includes the Team Pin like in the flagship) and CARLOS CORREA ROOKIE AUTOGRAPH CARDS (The 2015 Topps Chrome Rookie Autograph cards of Carlos Correa were not available in time for last year's release so find them in 2016)

Overall, I am just as in love with chrome as I have always been. I feel every box comes packing with value with parallels and autographs and the retail versions are the best retail buys you can get. Others of you may have an opposite feel, but this is just my opinion and I am sticking to it!

Now time for the giveaway. 
This time a prize pack of inserts/parallels are up for grabs. 


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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!



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  2. Honestly in my opinion it's hard to find a con about Topps Chrome.. If there is one it's just a shiny awesome version of the regular

    Pros loaded checklist.. Great action shots and the inserts are amazing

  3. That Ichiro is awesome! I like the on card autographs, they look crisp! Don't like the random rookies inserted for autographs, it's definately hit or miss. But they do look nice.

  4. Pro: As long as they keep it looking like flagship cards, it's like another shiny parallel.
    Con: They're very susceptible to fingerprints and scratches, which is fine when I'm buying a box and can be careful with them, but picking them up secondhand and via trades can give mixed results.

  5. Chrome cards are nice but they seem to curve a lot. When will the technology advance to the point where Topps can make them stay flat?! lol
    I'd love Perspectives if I won (except the Ichiro which I've already got). Thanks as always for the contest.

  6. Being a Cubs fan I like the Kris Bryant. Pro. Love how definitive the refractors are this year. Con- Not enough in a pack

  7. I see Chrome making several steps in the right direction this year. First, adding the word "refractor" is huge for me. Why did it ever leave in the first place?

    Also, the inserts are very snazzy this year. Perspectives? Amazing! Future Stars? Fantastic! Youth Impact? Another winner!

    One of the few faults is the autograph checklist. By focusing on rookies, you can get many a dud box. However, your /25 parallel adds value to the box.

    I'd rate this product 4.5 stars out of 5, especially when considering the price.

  8. Brandon L entry

    Those action shots with the big letter inserts are really cool and put you into the action on the field. There seem to be so many different paralells that it could be difficult to collect all of the favorite team


  10. Pro: Looks better than Flagship
    Con: 4 cards per pack

  11. I'd go for any of the Perspectives, but the Bryant or Ichiro would be at the top of the list. The Hosmer refractor would fit nicely in my collection, too.

    Thanks Topps for providing for another great review!

  12. Pros: Great looking cards, nice inserts
    Cons: Too few cards in a pack and autos of lower end prospects seem common.

    I would love the Hosmer/Wade Davis refractor cards, and the Bryant perspective!

    Thanks Topps!

  13. Thanks for another great review/contest.

    Pro - great looking set with nice inserts and on-card autos

    Con - the parallels are starting to invade the inserts now too

    I think my favorite of this bunch is the Betances Future Stars

  14. Thanks for the contest and Topps for the box.

    Pros- on card autos & variety of color.
    Cons- Return on investment, very tough to feel like the value is there unless you hit a big name or low numbered parallel.

  15. Thanks Topps. Pro: insert design. Especially that Mooooooookie! Con: two unnumbered refractor parallels are unnecessary.

  16. Thanks to you and Topps for the review and contest!
    Pro: The Future Stars insert. Good to have something different in the Chrome set.
    Con: Still the price point. 3 bucks for 4 cards.
    I'd love the Bryant or Ichiro Perspectives cards.

  17. Shout out to Topps and to you for hosting the contest! I love the stained glass future stars inserts. They are a throw back to the late 90"s early 2000's. Con is the price point. I know there is value in the parallels, but if you don't hit at least one big auto, then you are out of luck. Any of the stained glass cards would be awesome!

  18. Thanks to Topps for providing the box and thanks to you to always reviewing products
    Pro : it's chrome , refractors and colors!
    I always get a couple of boxes
    So my con is price I still buy a couple of boxes but cheaper would mean that I could buy more boxes !

    Thanks have a great Labor Day weekend everyone

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  20. The autographs are cool but some of the card designs look hokey.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Pro: great quality look and feel, like the parallels
    Con: Not crazy about some of the insert designs

    Thank you for the contest!

  23. Pro All look great

    Cons Not sure I see any

    Thannks to you and topps for the opportunity

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