Thursday, December 29, 2016

Too Many Verlanders Mail Day Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, Too Many Verlanders blog ran a HUGE holiday Giveaway palooza and trading right before the holidays, yesterday you saw cards that I had claimed. Now, you will see a card and a figure too that doesn't fall flat in my collection.

In 1998, Topps came out with Action Flats. A card/figure combo that is all in one package and I think went for $3.99 at the time. There were roughly 12 to collect in each football and baseball. Baseball had quite a great lineup of players including my man Griffey, which I didn't have and I need the card to so it was a double win,
And football was headlined by the two top draft picks with Leaf and Manning. Luckily for me when I bought my only one I snagged the Manning over the Leaf.

A HUMONGOUS thanks goes out to Too Many Verlanders for the cards. If you haven't checked out his blogs (he runs Too Many Manninghams as well), I suggest you do. I appreciate your generosity and I always find a way to give back to the giver :)

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  1. My buddy gave me one of theses toon flats a while back it's so cool